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Aquila Art Glass is a working studio producing and selling hand crafted fused glass products.

The general process we use to make our products is to take 20x35 inch sheets of glass and cut them up into the size of pieces to be made. An example would be to cut up an 8 inch square of clear and an 8 inch square of blue.

The next step is to clean the two pieces and stack them together. We then place them into a kiln and raise the temperature to around 1450f where the glass becomes molten and the glass fuses together to become one piece of glass. The kiln is then returned slowly to room temperature.

Then the fused glass is placed into another kiln, onto a mold and the temperature raised to about 1250f. This glass becomes elastic and gravity pulls the glass into the mold. Again the temperature is brought down to room temperature slowly.

The process is complete and we have an 8 x 8 square of some shape, like a plate or bowl.




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